Participants should complete their registration* via NTHAS-11 website no later than October 23, 2018. Registration fees should also be sent to our bank account in Korean Won via bank transfer by October 23, 2018. If a participant indicates “cash-on-site” in his/her registration form because of high bank commission fee and tax, we can accept cash (Korean Won only) at the registration desk. Also we can accept most credit cards including BC, VISA and MASTER card at the registration desk. After October 23, the registration will incur a KRW 100,000 surcharge.

Registration fees include a set of symposium proceedings (program book), reception, banquet, and luncheon.



by October 23, 2018

after October 23, 2018

Registration fee for a KNS/AESJ member

KRW 550,000 / JPY 55,000

KRW 650,000 / JPY 65,000

Registration fee for a student

KRW 300,000 / JPY 30,000

KRW 350,000 / JPY 35,000

Registration fee for a student seminar program


KRW 70,000 / JPY 7,000


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