Student Seminar Program


This student program is suitable for the graduate students as well as young researcher within 5 years experiences since PhD.




International Meeting Hall, Mechanical Building, Pusan National University, 2, Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea


November 16-17, 2018
November 18 (Free Tour)


Seminar Language



Seminar Registration

Registration will be started on October 16, 2018 via NTHAS-11 official website ( Registration fee for the student seminar program is KRW 70,000/JPY 7,000. This fee should be sent to our bank account in Korean Won via bank transfer*. If a participant indicates “cash-on-site” in his/her registration form**, we can accept either cash (Korean Won only) or most credit cards including BC, VISA and MASTER at the registration desk. Registration fee includes banquet and luncheon.
* Account of KNS for the bank transfer: To be informed later 
** The registration form will be available on our website in September, 2018.


How to Submit an Abstract

Authors should submit a 400 to 500 word summary through the NTHAS-11 website ( The submission schedule of the student seminar follows the schedule of NTHAS-11, which is posted on the website ( The summary should contain introduction, description of work, results and conclusion followed by references cited in the text. No tables and figures are to be included. Acceptance will be based on review of technical contents of the prospective paper. In order to submit a summary, authors are requested to register in the NTHAS-11 website. Submission procedures can be found in the NTHAS-11 website ( 
* Note that the papers with the same contents as those submitted to NTHAS-11 may also be submitted to the student seminar.


Poster Summary Presentation (PPT) & Poster Presentation (Poster)

All students and young researchers are requested to prepare both “poster summary presentation (3-4 minutes)” during the summary session and “poster presentations” during the poster session. The posters and the summary presentations should describe the summary of their present studies on nuclear thermal hydraulics and safety. It is noted that the studies are not necessarily completed, and can be currently in progress. At the poster sessions, they can discuss the present progress of their studies and/or problems they face. There would be awards for excellent poster presentations. Recommended size of the poster is 80 cm (width) x 110 cm (length). Please note that the posters must be printed out by the authors.


Seminar Progaram (Tentative)

Day 1. Nov. 16, 2018 (Fri)

Day 2. Nov. 17, 2018 (Sat)

15:00 ~ 16:00

Registration at International Meeting Hall

09:10 ~ 10:10

Poster summary presentation 1

16:00 ~ 16:10


10:10 ~ 11:10

Poster session 1

16:10 ~ 17:10

Keynote Lecture 1

Dr. Hanchul Kim (KINS)

11:10 ~ 12:10

Keynote Lecture 3

Ph.D Hyun-Sik Park (KAERI)

17:20 ~ 18:20

Keynote Lecture 2

Dr. Michio Murase (Institute of Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Power Plant Aging Research Center)

12:10 ~ 13:30


18:50 ~ 20:50

Seminar Banquet

13:30 ~ 14:30

Poster summary presentation 2



14:30 ~ 15:30

Poster session 2



15:30 ~ 16:30

Keynote Lecture 4

Prof. Shuichiro Miwa (Hokkaido University)



16:30 ~ 16:50

Closing session (Best Poster Award & Closing Remarks)



Participants from Japan may enter through “Gimhae International Airport”.

From ‘Gimhae International Airport’ to ‘Pusan National University’

By Taxi  Cost ~ JYP 2000 ( A maximum of 4 people can be boarded in a taxi)
By Subway  described below (takes more than an hour)

<Google map showing the path from “Gimhae International Airport station” to “Pusan National University Station” by subway>


<Subway line map showing the path from “Gimhae International Airport station” to “Pusan National University Station” >

From ‘Pusan National University Station’ to ‘Student seminar  place’

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