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 We are pleased to share with you the first announcement on the 11th Korea-Japan Symposium on Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics And Safety (NTHAS-11). This year, NTHAS-11 celebrates the twenty year anniversary of the land marking collaboration between Korean and Japanese Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety communities at the born place, Busan Paradise Hotel, where the first NTHAS meeting was held back in 1998. Twenty years back, the symposium started as a happening. Now NTHAS becomes tradition and legacy that symbolize the value of collaboration of science and technology in nuclear thermal-hydraulics and safety in both countries. We will again continue the tradition and construct the legacy at the end of this year. Please fix the NTHAS date in your schedule to gather and celebrate our accomplishments, prospects and friendship.


 Celebrating the historic anniversary, in this symposium, we are going to look back the history of our traditions and also look forward setting the new blueprint of our dreams on the nuclear thermal-hydraulics and safety especially emphasizing the connection among generations in our communities. In this perspective, we are more than happy to accept your contribution on the following scientific and technical areas; (1) Advances in Computational Thermal-Hydraulics, (2) Advances in Experimental Thermal-Hydraulics, (3) Advances in Safety Analysis, (4) Advances in Severe Accident Analysis, (5) Advances in Fuel, Reactor and Plant Technologies and last but the least (6) Emerging Technologies in Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety. The following are the important information and please keep them in your calendar. More information will be detailed soon and be available at the conference web page: www.nthas.org/nthas-11 that will be open shortly.


Please join opening the new era of the next 20 years to bridging together.


With the best warm regards,


Bang, Young Seok, Ph. D..

Symposium General Chair of NTHAS-11

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